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Freedom Fighter

“Desh hit paida huye hai
Desh par marr jayenge
Marte marte desh ko
zinda magar kar jayenge”

With a desire for freedom and revolutionary spirit reverberating in every inch of his body and his poetry, Ram Prasad Bismil was among the most notable Indian revolutionaries who fought British colonialism and made it possible for the nation to breathe the air of freedom after centuries of struggle against the imperial forces.
#RamPrasadBismil wrote powerful patriotic poetries in Urdu and Hindi under the pen names, 'Bismil', 'Ram' and 'Agyat'... In Barrack number 11 of Lucknow Central Jail, Bismil wrote his autobiography, considered as one of the finest works in Hindi literature and also the cult song “Mera rang de Basanti chola”.

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— in Meerut Cantonment

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