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Health Week

With an aim to create awareness among the young learners and inculcating healthy habits 'Health week' was conducted from 14 October 2019 to 19 October 2019 at CVPS. The theme was health and hygiene. The early birds of class Nur to I part took with great zeal in the following activities –

 Day 1 (14th Oct) - Demonstration during assembly, learnt to wake up early, Pray to God, Brush teeth properly, Wash hands, Take a bath, Trim nails and wear clean clothes. A Dental Check-up  by a team from Subharti Dental College was organised. They examined the teeth of the pupils and advised  them to brush teeth twice a day.

Day 2 (15th Oct) - Meditation and Yoga session was organized where the little ones tried to perform the various asanas and the process of inhaling and exhaling thus leading to a peaceful mind.

Day 3 - Healthy Food v/s Junk Food. The pupils were taught about eating healthy food and saying no to junk food followed by a skit presented by class I.

Day 4 - The tiny tots enjoyed colouring the worksheets based on 'Health and Hygiene' thus enhancing their knowledge in an enjoyable method.

Day 5 - Safety Day and Rhyme competition was the theme for the day where the participants recited rhymes on Health and Safety.

Day 6 - Collage making activity was performed by the students of class - I where they learnt about  healthy habits in a very innovative and play way manner.

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