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Pink Revolution

"When the problems of women are discussed as easily, widely and frequently then only the world will be considered 'Educated'.

In order to give information and create confidence to manage menstruation with safety and dignity using safe and hygienic materials, together with adequate washing, bathing and disposal with privacy and dignity, an awareness programme was conducted by the Cantonment Board of Meerut on 4th December 2019, under the supervision of Ms. Mamta Kamsey and Dr. Anuradha in which a large number of adolescent girls from various schools participated. From our school a group of 83 girls attended the programme. Miss Ananya Tripathi of class XI addressed the audience there and won the applause. A group song was also presented by students of class IX.

A voice raised by today’s girls in the form of self composed slogans was the attraction of the day.

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