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Graduation Ceremony

CVPS celebrated Graduation Day with great zeal and enthusiasm to congratulate the pupils of class UKG on 12th February 2020.

Dr. Umang Mittal, Surgical Oncologist was the esteemed Chief Guest of the day. Dr. Sangeeta Rekhi, Principal RGPS and Dr. Shivani Agarwal, a young mentor of CVPS fraternity Ms. Anupma Saxena, Principal GGS and Ms. Santosh Mehta were the other dignitaries present on the occasion. The theme of the day was 'Nature' and all the performances were based on the theme. The programme commenced with the cordial welcome accorded by the Principal Mr. Prem Mehta to the distinguished guests. To evoke the blessings of Goddess Saraswati; kindling of lamp ceremony was initiated by the worthy guests of the day. The first performance depicting the importance of five elements filled the atmosphere with serenity and divinity. After this the audience was welcomed to the Jungle where everyone was spell bound witnessing the different animals and shopping at Monkey's Shop added flavour to it which was followed by the erudite address of the Principal. 'Nature' being the theme of the event, Saying No to Plastic, Saving Trees, Eating Healthy Food and Keeping the environment clean showcased in the form of skit & dance were the other attraction of the dry.

The Chief Guest Dr. Umang Mittal pulled the thread of motivation and positivity among the gathering by enlightening them about the causes and consequences of dangerous disease like cancer and guided them its prevention and advised the audience to inculcate healthy habits in their daily routine. The main attention of the day was distribution of degrees to the shining stars of UKG by the worthy guests & Principal Sir by bestowing blessings on the young learners. The programme was hosted by the Co-ordinator Mrs. Sonia Dhawan and culminated with the gathering of teachers of kindergarten on stage as they are the ones who instil values in the blooming buds and prepare strong foundation for future.

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