Withdrawals Procedure

It will be the effort of the school that once a pupil is admitted to any class, he/she continues up to 12th class. If, however, all efforts of the school fail to correct an incorrigible child, or if he/she fails to get promotion to the next class for two consecutive years, the authorities of the school will have to request the guardians/parents to withdraw the child. During the school session, the fees up to the end of term will have to be paid at the time of withdrawal. Application for withdrawal and the Transfer Certificate will be made on the form available from the school office. The T.C. will be issued on clearance of all the dues.

If a pupil is absent without leave for three consecutive days after the school reopens in the next academic session or after summer vacation his/her name will be struck off and re-admission will be possible only after paying re-admission charges. Besides this the re- admission will be granted on the basis of availability of seats and the discretion of the Principal .

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