Primary Classes (I to V)
Languages: English, Hindi
Other Subjects: Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Drawing, Music, General Knowledge and Physical Education.
Work Experience or Socially Useful Productive Work—Clay modelling, Doll or Toy Making, Needle Work, Card Board Models, Paper-cutting, Gardening, Computer Games etc.
Environmental Studies is replaced with Science and Social Science Studies from class V onwards.
G.K. and Moral Science and Communication Skills.
Middle Classes (VI to VIII)
Languages: English, Hindi
Third Language Sanskrit
Other subjects, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Drawing, Computer Science, Music, Moral Science, Physical Education and G.K.
Work Experience: Gardening, Needle work, Flower making, Chalk sticks or Candle making, Toy making, Card Board models, First aid etc.
Life skills and Assessment of Listening and Speaking skills.
Secondary Classes (IX to X)
The subjects and courses to be taught will be the same as prescribed by CBSE Delhi. At present they are as follows:
English Communicative
Hindi Course A
Science & Technology (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
Social Science (History, Geography, Civics, Economics, Disaster Management)
Information Technology (Vocational)
Artificial Intelligence (vocational)
Co-Scholastic Subjects
The subjects and courses to be taught will be the same as prescribed by CBSE Delhi. At present they are as follows:
1. Work Education
  • Essential Area-Health, Hygiene, Food, Shelter, Recreation etc.
  • Optional Activities- Anyone to be chosen out of the following:
  • Electrical gadgets, Commercial Arts, Batik, Tie & Dye, Gardening, Toy and Doll making, Paper Work, Leather Work, Knitting, Embroidery and Computer Science.
2. Art Education
3. Health & Physical Education
  • Note: Discipline and attendance will also be assessed.
Senior Secondary (XI to XII)
At present in the academic stream, it has Engineering Group, Medical Group, Commerce Group and Humanities Group. The subjects and courses of studies will be the same as prescribed by the CBSE Delhi. School has the following streams.
1. Science
  •  English Core
  •  Physics
  •  Chemistry
  •  Biology/Mathematics
  •  Optional
  •  Physical Education, Music, Painting
2. Commerce
  •  English Core
  •  Accountancy
  •  Business Studies
  •  Economics
  •  Optional
  •  Physical Education (if opted)
3. Humanities
  •  English Core
  •  Hindi/Maths
  •  History/Physical Education
  •  Economics/Home Science
  •  Optional
  •  Physical Education (Compulsory)
Optional Subjects: Computer Science, Information Practices, Home Science, Fashion Studies, Painting, Hindi, Physical Education, Geography, Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Music, Political Science and Marketing.