School fee has to be paid for 1 2 months in 4 instalments i.e. April, July, October and January up to 10th of the due month without fine and up to the end of the month with fine of Rs. 5/-per day. If the dues have not been paid up to the end of the month with or without fine, a fine of Rs. 10/-per day, will be charged till the fee is submitted further. The fees will be paid as per the schedule given below. The fee has to be paid for 1 2 months even if the school is closed for a long time due to reasons beyond the control of the school authorities. It is to be paid 4 times in a year as follows:

  • 1. 1st Instalment April to June (by 10th April).
  • 2. 2nd Instalment July to September (by 10th July).
  • 3. 3rd Instalment October to December (by 10th October).
  • 4. 4th Instalment January to March (by 10th January).

In case a parent has any difficulty, he/she can seek special permission for paying fee on bi-monthly or monthly basis.

Modes of Fee Payment

  • 1. Cash
  • 2. Swipe Machine (1.10% charges extra)
  • 3. NEFT/lMPS/Bank Transfer
  • 4. UPI
  • 5. Cheque (Bounce charges will be minimum Rs. 500/-)
  • 6. Demand Draft Bank details-with Q.R. Code.

1. The bus fee will be paid by the bus users along with the above dues.
2. Class X & XII students availing bus facility throughout the year will not request for exemption of the bus dues for the month of February & March.
3. If any student is found availing bus service without paying the bus charges, he/she may be required to pay double the charges.
4. All fee will be accepted within school hours.
The following points should also be borne in mind:-
• The fee for the whole year may be deposited at the time of admission itself.
• Fee once deposited will not be refunded.
• The tuition fee and bus fee may be revised once a year before the start of a new session.
• Any student who chooses to use school transport will have to pay for 11 months.