The school session is from April to March. The registration form is to be filled and submitted in the office., The admission form has to be duly filled with all entries and signatures. Registration process is open for all.
Documents required for admission:
Attested copy of birth certificate
2 copies of each of parent's photograph.
2 copies of family photograph
Residence Proof:
Any two of the following:--
Voter ID of each parent
Passport of each parent
Aadhar Card of each parent.
Caste ST/SC/OBC Certificate of the Father (photo copy) to be deposited at the time of admission For Grade l to Grade XI the school will also need:
Photo copy of previous year's report card/marksheet
Transfer Certificate.
In case of inter-state students, the Transfer Certificate should be counter signed by the Education Officer.
Withdrawal Procedure: If a child has to be withdrawn from the school, parents are requested to give one calendar month's notice in writing, failing which one month's fee will be charged in lieu thereof. Exception may be in the case of a sudden transfer of government or military personnel. (In that case photocopy of transfer order to be submitted along with application.) Those who leave the school in the month of May must in all cases pay the fee for the month of June.
Transfer certificate for children withdrawn will not be issued until all dues are cleared.
Promotion criteria Promotion to the next class is granted to the students on the basis of his/her overall performance during the academic session, such as academic regularity, tidiness, overall behaviour etc.
In an academic session there will be 2 Periodic Assessments and two term exams for the classes I to XI. It is mandatory for all the students to attempt. Only an exemption due to medical or any other genuine reason will be considered.
A student can claim medical leave once in an academic session.
No weightage or rank/position will be given due to absence or medical reasons in any exam.
A student must score minimum 40 percentage as per the school's guidelines to get 18 promotion to the next higher class.
90% Attendance is compulsory to appear in exam.
A Student can be asked to leave the school on the following grounds-
Bunking of School
Vandalizing of School property
Non-Payment of Dues
Shortage of attendance
Immoral Influence & threat to School security
Misdemeanor of guardians
Admission, Withdrawal and Promotion Guidelines
IMPORTANT : Fee should be paid latest by 10 of the specific month, April, July, Sept, Nov. & January
  1. All school dues must be paid at the fee counter of the school by a crossed local cheque/draft in favour of the school. The cheque/draft must contain student's name, class, section, admission number, father's name & contact number at the back.
  2. Online payment facility is available.
  3. Fee must be paid by the "last date of payment" .............
  4. If the "last date of payment" is a holiday then the next working day after such holiday is considered to be the "last date of payment"
  5. If fee is not paid by the "last date of payment" a fine of Rs. 10 per day including all holidays, will be charged from the "last date of payment" till the day of payment fee.
  6. Cheque returned by the bank on which it is drawn, for any reason what so ever shall be treated as non-payment of dues and an additional amount of Rs. 500/- shall be charged. In case of cheque bouncing, fee will be accepted only through Demand Draft including the penalties.
  7. Issuing of fee reminders is not mandatory for school. It is the duty of the parents to deposit the fee as per the above schedule.
  8. If the fee of a quarter is not paid by the last date in "period of payment with fine." the student will not be allowed to attend classes until an additional penalty of RS. 1000/-is paid along with fine of Rs. 10/-per day.
  9. Any fee defaulter falling under ruling (7) shall be regularized only after the permission of the Principal.
  10. All communication regarding fee are normally routed through the student. Parents are requested to make their ward aware in this regard.
  11. To facilitate the parents the school will accept post-dated cheques for quarterly fees at school fee counter. Acceptance of such cheques will be subject to last date of payment by cheque. No request will be accepted to hold the cheques after the date mentioned on the cheque.
  12. No fee shall be treated as the current quarter fees or advance fee unless and until all previous fee dues are cleared in full.
  1. CASH
  4. UPI
  7. 7 --------------------- 14
  8. Fee shall be payable for the entire month if the student attends the school even for one day during the quarter.
  9. In case of loss of the original I card/REPORT CARD/MARKSHEET, Its duplicate would be Issued on payment of Rs. 100/150/200 respectively.
The school has own buses available for use by the school children on payment of prescribed bus fees. Details of bus fee, pick up points and timings are displayed in the school office notice board. Parents are requested to strictly adhere to the following.:
  1. Children reach the pickup points well in time. Transport will not be waiting for the children if they are late.
  2. Parents are requested to ensure that they themselves pick up their children or through an authorized person only from the bus stop.
  3. If the child is brought back to the school by the guard, conveyances for the same will be paid by the parents.
  4. There will not be any changes in the prescribed route, pick up points and timings unless intimated by the school.
  5. The child will not be permitted to travel in any other bus route other than the one allotted without prior permission from the Principal.
  6. Unruly behaviour like shouting and bullying in the bus is strictly prohibited and may result in withdrawal of bus facility.
  1. Parents seeking school transport are required to fill up the prescribed transport application form and deposit the same to the transport Incharge with bus fee. thereafter bus fee will be charged on monthly basis as per the fee bill.
  2. Request for route change or discontinuance has to be made in the beginning of the quarter and once the request has been made (no further similar request shall be entertained. Forms for applying for transport, discontinuation or route change are available in school office and Transport Incharge.
  3. Bus fee will be continued to be charged unless the withdrawal form is actually received within the time prescribed.
  4. Under no circumstances, transportation fee once paid shall be refunded/adjusted.
  5. No withdrawal form will be allowed after November.
  6. Transportation fee in outstation cheques are not accepted under any circumstances.
No leave of absence is granted except on written request by the parents / guardians. No child who is ill should be sent to school until he/she recovers fully.
Absence for three consecutive days after vacation and in the beginning of new Academtc Session without application will lead to his/her name being struck off. Re- admission in such cases may be possible only when seats are available and that too at the discretion of the Principal.
Absence from Periodic Tests will be possible only on medical grounds. Those who absent themselves without prior sanction of leave during the Periodic Tests, will not be considered for promotion. Application for such leave should be accompanied by a medical certificate from a medical practitioner of repute. The school authorities may require such a certificate to be countersigned by the School Medical Officer. No half day or short leave will be granted to the students even during periodic tests. If someone is absent without a leave application for 7 consecutive working days, his/her name will be struck off the rolls. Re-admission will be solely with the Principal only on payment of readmission charges, details of which are available with the school office. In case the act is repeated his/her name will be struck off the school rolls.
The Parents/Guardians should ensure that the child is not absent from school on flimsy grounds. Absence from school creates gaps in studies which are difficult to fill up. If a child is absent the very aim of Public School Education is defeated. If someone absents himself/herself without getting application sanctioned by the Principal, punitive fine at the following rates will be charged at the time of depositing dues next time.
Classes IX, X, XI & XII
10/- per diem (day)
Classes VI, VII & VIII
5/- per diem (day)
CBSE guidelines will be followed strictly in Board classes. A student with less than 75% attendance will be debarred from appearing in the Board examination (X and XII).
In case of IX and XI, no student will be promoted without appearing in periodic tests and annual examination.