Chairperson's Message

Message The school has been making headway in almost all spheres of education in the last couples of years and I really feel good about it. Observing that all students entrusted to us are getting a congenial atmosphere most suited for learning gives me a sense of satisfaction. I feel really happy to see that the education in the school is getting more and more child-centred. This paradigm shift was indeed very essential. The fact is that all children learn in different ways and a single uniform method cannot suit every child so the entire class has to be managed in such a way that each child gets catered to in a manner that suits his learning style. It appears difficult but if handled deftly, it works smoothly and easily. Besides, I don’t feel great to see only some prodigies bringing laurels to the school while most of the students remain confined in their own grooves. I feel happy to see that the school is trying to equip the whole lot of student with the key skills that will mould them into wholesome personalities. We don’t lag behind in academics too. Our students have been scoring high in board examinations and getting selected in various prestigious professional institutions. Above all they learn a lesson in moral behavior and general ethics. I congratulate the teaching fraternity that is putting in their best for high standards we stand for.

Dr. Sarojini Agarwal


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