Managing Director's Message

In our institutions, we always try to visualize things ahead of time and create an atmosphere that is just right to translate those visions into reality. I may be getting more involved in the affairs of higher education but strongly believe that school education is probably the most important segment of the total educational system. If school education is healthy and sound, most of the problems of higher education get automatically solved. Hence it is very important to plan a right kind of education system in our school.

A lot of changes in the system are in the offing. What we need to see is that the institutions as well as the teachers are equipped to tackle these changes.

Only then the desire results will be there otherwise it will prove to be an exercise in futility. That is why regular workshops for teachers are being planned so that we are able to give the best to our student.

Students on their part need to be more focused. They must realize the value of time management and use their time wisely. They must learn to hone their communication skills and inculcate confidence as well as moral values which can be learnt only at school level. It is this communication skill in written form that gets displayed in a school magazine. I wish a large number of students should contribute to the school magazine. Ideally speaking I would wish each child of the school to contribute something. Only then shall we have the perfect learning.

Wishing you the very best.

Dr O. P. Agarwal

( Managing director )

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