The school provides bus facility on specific routes only. The details of the bus-route are available in the school office. Those who wish to avail themselves of the school bus service will have to pay for it separately. Each child has to pay transport fee for 1 1 months. On payment of the fee, pupils will be issued a bus-card. Details of route etc. will be filled in the card by the office. Only on the basis of the bus card the pupil will be allowed to avail the facility of the bus. The bus charges are revised every year before the start of a new session. If a pupil desires a change of route, this is allowed only on written permission by the school authorities. To collect the pupils, the bus will stop at fixed points (stops) as shown in the concerned route-chart. They will have to assemble at such a stop well in time 3 to 5 minutes before the actual time indicated. The bus will not wait for anyone not reaching the stop in time. The responsibility of sending the child to the stop and taking him/her back will entirely rest on the parent/guardian. The pupil will have to get down at the appointed bus stop for the guardians to receive the child. The buses have their definite routes and stops.

The farthest stop of the route has been kept considering the time of reaching the school. It will not be possible for the bus to go to individual village or locality, howsoever close it may be. The bus will ply only on the routes indicated in the route chart. Every bus-user has to come to the nearest bus stop, if it is inconvenient to anyone then he/she is requested to make his/her own arrangements of transport.