Founder's Message

Late Shri Chandra Sen Agarwal, retired Joint Director of Education U.P. and Ex-Secretary, Board of High and Intermediate Education, U.P. Allahabad, laid the foundation of this institution in the year 1990,with the sole aim of providing quality education to its pupils. It was under his loving patronage that the school came up as a full fledged Senior Secondary Institution imparting quality education to the children of Meerut and surrounding areas. He wanted every child to become a good learner, a good person, a good worker and a good citizen; hence, providing a child with integrate personality, fit to serve the society. This dream is also reflected in the motto he gave to the school 'Learn to Shine'.

As Director of the school, he always encouraged the students to excel. He also initiated scholarships and free ships to the meritorious and deserving students. We, at C.V.P.S. shall leave no stone unturned to keep his dream alive. That would be the best tribute to him.

Late Shri Chandra Sen Agarwal

( Founder Director of the school )
27.11.1925 - 18.11.1999

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