Rules of Discipline
All the students must come to school in proper school uniform. One who is not in proper school uniform with I-card or slovenly dressed may be sent back home. Care has to be taken of all property, walls, desks etc. Inflicting ink stains or scratches on them will have to be remedied at the cost of the offender. Pupils who absent themselves from class must have the  reasons entered in the 'Late Attendance Record' or 'Leave Application Record' of the Hand Book/Diary. No pupil will leave the school in mid time without the  written permission of the Principal. Every pupil has to take part in the School Assembly, Choral Singing, Physical Education classes, Sports and other Extra-Curricular or Co-curricular activities, even when they  are held beyond the usual school hours. The school will not be held responsible for personal goods lost by pupil in school. Students are not allowed to bring valuable articles like costly wrist watches, gadgets or jewellery etc. to school. Enrolment in the school implies willingness on part of the pupils and guardians to comply with the rules and regulations of the school. Students are not allowed to bring mobile, i-pods, i-pads, cameras or  any other such gadget to the school. Any mobile confiscated will not be returned unless it is allowed by the school.