Revised Date Sheet (X & XII)
Mock Board 2022-23
Date Day X XII
05 Jan 2023 Thursday Social Science Chemistry/ Accountancy/ Pol.Science
06 Jan 2023 Friday - Geography/Applied Mathematics/Hindi
07 Jan 2023 Saturday English Biology/Mathematics/B.Studies/History
09 Jan 2023 Monday Mathematics(Basic/Standard) Physics/Economics
10 Jan 2023 Tuesday Hindi A English Core
12 Jan 2023 Thursday Science Psychology

1. All school dues should be cleared before 4th January 2023.
2. Students without school uniform will not be allowed to enter the school premises.
3. School timings during the examination will be 10:00am to 1:15pm.
4. Students using private conveyance must arrange accordingly.


Date Sheet
Ist Periodic Test 2022-23 (X & XII)
Date Day X XII
09.05.2022 Monday Social Science 5th Optional--Computer Science/Web Application/Marketing/Fashion Studies/Geography/Home Science/Phys.Edu./Music
11.05.2022 Wednesday Hindi A Maths/App.Maths/Biology
12.05.2022 Thursday IT/AI English Core
16.05.2022 Monday Mathematics(Basic & Standard) Chemistry/Accountancy/Political Science
19.05.2022 Thursday Science Physics/Economics
20.05.2022 Friday -- Hindi/Home Science/Geography(Main for Humanities)
21.05.2022 Saturday English Business Studies/History