School Fees

Fee Structure For The Session:2022-2023

Class Admission Fee Composite Annual Fee (Session 2022-23) Total Fee For Whole Year For New Students Total Fee For Whole Year For Old Students Quarterly Fee Monthly Fee
NUR. to UKG. 4400.00 23400.00 27800.00 23400.00 5850.00 1950.00
I & II 4900.00 30600.00 35500.00 30600.00 7650.00 2550.00
III to V 4900.00 33000.00 37900.00 33000.00 8250.00 2750.00
VI to VIII 5750.00 37800.00 43550.00 37800.00 9450.00 3150.00
IX & X 6600.00 43200.00 49800.00 43200.00 10800.00 3600.00
XI & XII 8000.00 54000.00 62000.00 54000.00 13500.00 4500.00
Registration Fee :- 500/-

Fees are to be paid for 12 months in 4 instalments i.e. April, July, October and January up to 10th of the due month without fine and up to end of the month with fine The fees will be paid as per the schedule given below.

1st Instalment April to June (by 10th April)
2nd Instalment July to September (by 10th July)
3rd Instalment October to December (by 10th October)
4th Instalment January to March (by 10th January)
  • The fees for the whole year may be deposited at the time of admission itself.
  • Fees once deposited will not be refunded.
  • The rates of fees may be revised once a year before the start of a new session.
  • The bus fee will be paid by the bus users along with the above dues quarterly.
  • Class X & XII students availing bus facility throughout the year will not request for exempted of the bus dues for the month of February & March.
  • If any student is found availing bus service without paying the bus charges, he/she may be required to pay double the charges.
  • All fees will be accepted within school hours.

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